We Don’t Track People, We Trace Infections - Safely and Anonymously.

We take privacy seriously. We believe that private information can be sufficiently protected and voluntarily shared to help save lives during this crisis.


CoronaTrace is an Opt-In App

We will use clear disclaimers as people sign up to explain what information is shared and how it will be used.

Location History

{ "type": "doc", "content": [ { "type": "paragraph", "content": [ { "text": "This traditionally private information will be disassociated from an individual before inclusion in the CoronaTrace database; this information will not be made publicly visible; any displays will be of aggregated information.", "type": "text" } ] } ] }

Coronavirus Test Confirmation

{ "type": "doc", "content": [ { "type": "paragraph", "content": [ { "text": "The test result documentation will not be permanently stored by CoronaTrace only infectious status will be stored in the database; any PII included on the test result documentation will not be stored in the database.", "type": "text" } ] } ] }

All information and communication will be encrypted.